Equine Kits

Equine Kits

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Please select how many horses you wish to test between 1 and 9, all samples are to be returned together at the same time.

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Here at Pinmoore Animal Laboratory Services (PALS), we use the latest technology available to test samples from horses

How does it work?

Please order your required number of testing kits and we will make arrangements to have them delivered to you. The kit comes with a disposable glove, a biohazard bag, instructions and a submission form.

Please take a pinch of faeces from different piles and place in to the pot, please ensure you write the horses name on the pot.

To learn more about our tests, feel free to drop us an email at sales@palsvetlab.co.uk, or give us a call on 01829 781855.

Please note: as we are a laboratory and not a veterinary practice, we do not give advice regarding any treatments that may be available, as this is the responsibility of your exotic vet. Should interpretation be required, it will be stated on your report.