The Growth of Veterinary Diagnostics

The use of Veterinary diagnostics is growing, fuelled by the growth of animal owners, zoos and wildlife parks and the need for our animals to remain happy and healthy. This field is growing exponentially, driven by the need to control and prevent diseases in animals and to better understand the animals we care for. Accurate diagnosis of illness is vitally important, to ensure an animal receives the correct treatment. In animal groups even a small outbreak of illness can threaten an entire animal community. Here at PALS we offer a variety of diagnostic tools that can provide complete and accurate results with same day blood results!

Here at PALS our dedicated laboratory can deliver fast, accurate and individual results on blood, fluid, faeces and tissue samples. Samples can be analyzed to rapidly diagnose health problems, reduce mortality rates and monitor disease progression or response to therapy.

We use the latest technology available to provide a wide range of tests covering everything from haematology and biochemistry, to parasitology and virology, which can reveal the presence of underlying disease in otherwise healthy animals

PALS has invested in cutting-edge equipment such as precision analysers that allow us to run tests from samples as small as 0.4ml, ideal when screening smaller animals. We work with a wide range of animal samples from veterinary practices, farms, wildlife parks and zoos, along with privately owned animals. Our experienced team also includes experts capable of analysing samples from all exotic species.

Our accurate results provide fast, valuable data on animal bloods, urine or tissue samples that helps diagnose disease, enabling Veterinarians to prescribe the correct drugs, treatment or vaccines to sick animals.

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